Monday, December 5, 2011


Okay so this is a late post but since I am rereading the book I thought I would post on what I liked and what I didn't. I will say this now, I love the books, I watch the movies, but if someone says a joke about it I laugh. I do not get mad, I am not insulted nor do I think they need to get their head straight. Everyone has their own opinion and Twilight is something that you ether like it or you don't.

The Book

Truthfully I hated Twilight before I read it. I don't know why but it was fun to make fun of it and its fans. (its still fun to make fun of its fans. I love Vampires Suck)
I like the writing style and its easy for me to get lost in this book. I consider it a break for my brain because I don't need to think to understand the plot or characters. Its an easy read, albeit longer then most would prefer. The first time I read it was right after I saw the movie. I was intrigued by the plot (although the acting sucked but I'll get to that later) and decided to give the books a shot, hoping it was better then the movie. I was not disappointed. I stayed up all day and night to finish the book as soon as I got it and even started on the second one before I let my dad make me sleep (I think it was a weekend).
Bella was a believable character and I was really happy with the fact that she was actually a bit more expressive in the book then the movie.
Edward... well lets just say I am not team Edward. I don't really have much to say other then that.
Stephenie Meyer captured High School at its finest. The cliques, gossip and the "frienemy". Even if she only has it for the background I was impressed that an author out of high school could portray it exactly how it was. (not for everyone but for a lot of people) Over all I think that it was a good book and I feel that my brain enjoys the vacation it gets every time I read it. (this is only my third time).

The Movie

Ughh. I am trying to find something nice to say about this movie. Possibly the only thing I like about it is the sound track. Most of the actors are only showing one emotion the whole movie and it really makes things boring. They didn't capture the characters in my opinion. The only ones they came close to being by the book were Jasper and Alice, although they didn't explain Jasper's "power" as well as they could have. I don't even remember if they explained it at all. I like the way they showed Alice "see the future" thing. The setting was spot on but the characters over shadowed all the good parts about it. I couldn't get over how expressionless Bella and Edward were. Robert Pattinson was better at playing Cedric Diggery in Harry Potter (although this is coming from a Potter Fanatic so I might be a bit biased.)

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