Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Little Tidbit

Dear nurses and other hospital personnel,
Please realize when I ask you a question, I am curious as to why you are doing something, I am not angry, nor am I telling you, you are doing it wrong. I just want to know why. Also when I ask a question after you explained something, please don't just explain what you just said in the manner that you just used, obviously I didn't understand it the first time.
Patent in room 614

Ugh... today sucks. On top of being normal CF sick, I seem to have lost my voice. *sigh* I have to yell in order for them to hear me just above a whisper. On another note... I really want Jolly Ranchers... and Ice Cream... McDonalds? Not even a full week and I'm sick of the food here.

Also, for those curious they have me on 4 antibiotics. Vancomycin (with IV benadryl 15 minutes before), Levofloxacin, Tobramycin  and Ceftazidime. The IV benadryl has me super loopy all the time.

EDIT: I hate IV's, not my port but the stupid peripheral ones. I haven't had to deal with one in 5 years and now they want me to have it again. I guess my port isn't enough right now. Seriously, I was okay with having one thinking it was only for a day or so but really, now the one they placed a few days ago has come out and they tried 4 different times to put in a new one before I told them that they could kiss my ass and find a different way. I wanted to get a mid-line but those were "too risky" but its not risky to put all these corrosive antibiotics in my small veins? thats stupid.

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