Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lungs and Other stuff

I got a lung X-ray today, that was neat. I asked the X-ray tech if I could see them because I never had before and he let me see them. I could see my port and how cloudy my lower left lung is. I think everyone should have a chance to see their lungs, it really brought home to me how much I am damaging them sometimes. Yes I do more of my treatments now then I did when I was younger but really, I don't do all I should and I know that. Also, update from last time, it was IV Magnesium they were hanging. I didn't even know my levels were low. *face palm* I have asked the doctor to talk to me before any changes in my IVs, that way I can actually know what the heck is going on. (by the way, i'm bored so I'll be updating often.). They haven't talked about a discharge plan but I'm guessing it will be two weeks. I already missed my uncles memorial that was yesterday and a Post Secret event that is going to happen today. I really hope I can be out by my birthday next week but its not looking good. (BTW if you don't know what post secret is, then look it up and go there! its an amazing blog!)

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