Friday, March 12, 2010

ugg today sucked

Here is a list, in order of events of things that went wrong today.
First off, an ex boyfriend of mine(not my most recent but another one) went apeshit on me because he thinks im dating my friend gavin. *face palm* here are a few of the reasons that is so FAIL. 1)he my EX boyfriend, doesnt mean he needs to know every thing going on in my life, 2) im not dating my friend gavin, 3) doesnt matter if i did because im not getting back together with my last ex so why the hell does he care?

Second, I forgot a major homework asignment was due today until an hour before i had to leave for class, rushed work+bad mood already=extream bad mood

Third, In my frenzy to work on my homework i forgot to eat dinner, so i had to pack a plate for the ride over there and eat in a hurry.

Fourth, Trying to be a good CFer i took a soda and my meds with me. bad idea. the soda spilled onto my lap and made it look like i peed myself without enough time to go home and change.

Finally, apparently not only was an important homework assignment due it was also midterms!!! all i have to say is FML!!

ok that is all lol. -gabs

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