Sunday, March 28, 2010


I have no idea what to type today, but i feel the need to type. my grandfather is in the hospital and i am very lucky to not be right next to him. me and my mother have come to an agreement that i should no longer live there except for when necessary for school. Cross contamination is highly likely between me and my grandfather and it was really irresponsible for us not to think about that before we decided to go ahead and move me in. He seems to be out of the woods but i wish i could go see him. im not allowed to though. life is seeming less and less fair. I wish that everything would just be ok. I seem to go back to the old metaphor of my brain is just a bunch of people, each with their own task. one for love, one for jealousy, ect. Lately the one for love seems to stand up and get everyones attention before saying "attention attention: FML..... that is all."

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