Tuesday, February 2, 2010

best of 09

Current mood:  nostalgic
1)fanime, both days i went fey, ari, maria you guys rock

2) my final project for photography, i thought i would have bombed it but it went really well and they were impressed with it.

3) eating dinner over at Orens house with his family, after they came back from apple tree hill. 

4) The harry potter premire with fey and gavin <3

5) kaylas birthday with everyone who went although im still kinda disappointed she didnt go streaking like she wanted, would of made a good story.

6) the new moon midnight showing with kayla and alex. plus dennys and the ride home with adam.

7) halloween with johnny fey and ari thank you guys for makeing sure i didnt go with noone to hang out with.

8) beating kingdom hearts 2

9) getting left for dead

10) being at my grandparents house for the last week.

11) all the time i spent at my moms house.

12) Johnnys cousins wedding <3 that was so much fun!

i prolly missed a few thing

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