Tuesday, February 2, 2010

what did i get myself into?

I dont feel good, my body really doesnt like to move. ive been so tired all the time which makes me grumpy, i really try not to show people but when the kids want to play i just get irritated. i just cant stand it. there are too many people here and if i knew when i was planning all of this that amanda would be here and her kids would be here sometimes too i would have just stayed im martinez. when i found out about it it was FAR to late to change schools agian. FUCK! my mom says that i need to have more patients with the baby but i dont really like kids, i dont think im ever gonna have any. Amanda is getting on my last good nerve. i cant wait till the property is done so that she can live there. hell by the time that its done the simester would probably be over. i havent really talked to my friends since i got here. im coming down next weekend, anyone wanna hang out? if things stay the way they are im probably moving back to Martinez when the simester is over. actually if they stay the way they are the i am moving back to mtz.

anyone reading this getting mad or annoyed at me the dont fucking read my blogs k?
alls well that ends ok so im gonna end this with a FUCK YOU, and have a nice day.

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